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Team and partners

Ceit is a non-profit technology center created on the initiative of the University of Navarra in 1982 and whose main task is to carry out industrial research projects in close collaboration with the R&D departments of the companies 

Mikel Gómez Aranzadi

Project Management

Santiago Miguel Olaizola

Research performer

Enrique Castaño

Research performer ​

Isabel Ayerdi

Research performer

Gorka Muñoz

Research performer ​

Luis Omeñaca

Research performer ​

Private non-profit organisation founded in 1967 in Vigo, Spain, from the initiative of a group of Galician entrepreneurs. It is an Innovation and Technology Centre highly specialized in materials and in advanced manufacturing technologies, especially joining technologies and laser technologies applied to materials processing, robotics and automation. 

Alexandre Cunha

Project Management

Félix Ares Blanco

Researcher Performer in “Laser micro-cladding process”

Camilo Prieto Río

Researcher Performer in “In-line process monitoring”

Rocio Pena Rois

Researcher Performer in “Sustainability analysis”

GLOBAL Hydro is the primary contact worldwide for hydropower technologies and secures a liveable environment for the next generations due to innovative solutions. We are specialists in Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines with capacities of 100 kW to 30 MW. 

Thomas Eder

Demonstrator developer

Lorenz Neururer

Demonstrator developer

The Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU it is a leading institute for resource-efficient production. The research focus of the Functional Surfaces and Microfabrication department lies in the finishing and structuring processes in order to functionalize surfaces. The emphasis is on the adjustment of sliding properties, wetting behavior or biocompatibility for automotive, toolmaking and medical technology applications. 

Dr. Jan Edelmann

Research performer Functional Surfaces

Eric Gärtner

Technology developer laser microstructuring

Udo Eckert

Research performer Micro Manufacturing

Workshop of Photonics is a company ready to find a solution for your micron-scale task. Their journey started in 2003 when extensive research in the field of femtosecond laser micromachining has begun. Since the beginning, they are continually investing in research, striving to always be in front of micron-scale challenges. 

Martynas Vilkaitis

Technology developer

Vytautas Sabonis

Technology developer​

Simas Godovan

Technology developer​

Dr. Gintarė Grybauskaitė-Kaminskienė

Research and innovation project manager

SuperGrid Institute is an independent private company specialising in innovative high and medium voltage direct current (HVDC and MVDC) power systems. SuperGrid Institute also develops new technologies for the integration of renewable energies as hydraulic turbines as storage into the electricity networks of the future.

Renaud Guillaume

Product Manager

Eric Gaudin

Demonstrator Evaluation

Simon Bayle

Demonstrator Evaluation

Fusion Bionic, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, develops and markets systems to produce bio-inspired surfaces using patented laser microtexturing technologies. The German startup improves the product performance in various industries using laser-generated surface textures inspired by natural blueprints such as the Lotus leaf and Moth-eye. All these surface textures replace ecologically harmful processes, such as chemical de-icing, sandblasting, or etching, while meeting the demand of increased product performance via industrial-scale surface finishing. 

PhD Sabri Alamri

Research & Innovation Performer

Mikhael El-Khoury

Technology developer
prototyping & demonstration

BST is a global research and development company based in Graz, Austria, specialized in drag reduction, the development and optimization of products and the testing and evaluation of these. With their Riblets, micro- and nanostructured surfaces, and expertise in the field of flow simulation, the company has already achieved successes for example in the Reno and Red Bull Air Race or the DTM. 

Mikel Lucas García de Albéniz

CFD Simulation, Riblet design and expected impact calculation.


CFD Simulation, Riblet design and expected impact calculation

ZIEHL-ABEGG, headquartered in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, is one of the leading global companies in the field of ventilation, control and drive technology. Back in the Fifties, ZIEHL-ABEGG established the basis of modern fan drives: external rotor motors which even today are still seen as state-of-the-art worldwide. 

Dr. Frieder Lörcher

Research Performer

Dr. Thomas Stephan Müller

Prototyping & Measurement Supervisor

Alexander Herold

Demonstrator Evaluation

Sandra Hub

Research Performer

Dr. Alexander Pfannenstiel

Research Performer

Andreas Gross

Technology Developer

Joachim Dietle

Product Manager

Secpho is a cluster that gathers more than 180 organizations promoting technological innovation through deep tech in all sectors of our economy. We fooster the collaboration between our ecosystem through industrial projects, networking events and innovation workshops always trying to focus on solving the latest technological challenges. 

Sergio Sáez

Cluster Manager

Silvia Cañada

Events & Design Manager

Gawel Walczak

Communication manager

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